How To Add Date and Time Picker In Android

Enter your text here..Welcome to Our Smartphone Style companion, has never seen an instance of images already listed in history? There is usually a right or left of the image.

I do not know? If this type of photo, you can put the guys in HP without their own application. Because of this feature, there are almost every single horse that uses the Android OS.

But you guys are definitely someone who asks, what are the benefits of the story on the right image? You guys try Rennje Manati:

  1. Taking the time to remember a certain moment
  2. For the style-Jayan, the image may seem very formal.

How To Add Date and Time Picker In Android

OK, make me with it, with a date at the time of the image process, you don't really need to use any additional applications.

Because as I explained above, almost all HP with the Android operating system, are already equipped with this feature, the name of the timestamp function.

But wait, the most important condition for running the timestamp function is, make sure the HP Rec is there eh? Hehe.

OK, to see the history of the photos on the Android camera without additional clear applications, you guys remain the camera open, and select the settings.